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Couples Therapy / Relationship Counseling

Dr. Dorian provides relationship counseling from a framework largely based on an approach called Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy (IBCT), which combines techniques from behavioral couples therapy with newer strategies to cultivate acceptance.

This framework assumes that relationship problems result not just from the bothersome actions and inactions of partners, but also in their emotional reactivity to those behaviors. Therefore, the therapy strives to achieve greater acceptance and intimacy between partners, as well as to make deliberate changes in target behaviors.

When acceptance comes first, it paves the way for change. When partners experience greater acceptance from each other, their resistance to change often dissolves. They may be more open to adapting to each other and accommodating in ways that reduce conflict. They may be able to communicate more clearly and negotiate and problem-solve more effectively since they are no longer adversaries.

In his work with couples, Dr. Dorian also aims to help them make positive behavioral changes, learn how to communicate, and become more effective problem-solvers.
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