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Low Self-Esteem & Depression

Having low self-esteem means thinking about yourself and your overall self-worth in negative terms. Much to the surprise of many people, the healthy opposite of low self-esteem is not exactly “high self-esteem,” but rather greater self-worth, self-respect, and self-acceptance. To treat issues regarding self-worth and depression through CBT, Dr. Dorian works collaboratively with clients to draw up a list of the issues they want to competently and effectively master as a result of treatment. These problems may be in the areas of:
  • assertiveness
  • boundary setting
  • stress problems
  • relationship issues
  • problems at work
  • financial problems
  • health issues
  • age-related problems
  • sexual problems
  • identity issues
  • body image
  • poor self-efficacy
In any or all of these areas, clients often have self-doubts about their ability to competently and effectively master diverse life-situations. Clients might have a continuous internal critic judging, punishing, and/or condemning them for not being able to meet their imposed high expectations or performance. This can cause avoidance of challenges, missed opportunities, destroyed relationships and lack of professional advancement. This can also lead to a vicious cycle where self-defeating patterns of thinking and behavior create a seemingly never-ending pattern.  With professional guidance by a well-qualified therapist, these issues can be thoroughly addressed and overcome.
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