Trainings & Presentations

Dr. Dorian provides small- and large-group presentations for a wide variety of audiences. With formal training in course instruction and over 15 years teaching experience in college, university, hospital, clinic, law enforcement, scientific conference, and private settings, Dr. Dorian provides engaging multimedia presentations with impact. Here is a short list of sample topics that can be tailored for your training/presentation needs.
General Audience Presentations:
  • Getting Ready to Make Healthy Change
  • Understanding and Managing your Anxiety
  • Natural Antidepressant Behaviors and Mind Skills for Life
  • Overcoming Motivational Obstacles
  • Mind Skills for Weight Management
  • Become Your Own Therapist: Applying the Basic Principle of CBT to Everyday Life
  • Effective Communication at Work and Home
  • The Will to Thrive: Coping and Resiliency During Difficult Times
  • Psychological Tactics for Financial Stress and Conflict
  • Performing Your Best: Peak Performance Tools
School Presentations:
  • Bullying Prevention: Bully-proofing Your Child, Your School
  • Effective Parenting to Prevent Teen Substance & Alcohol Abuse
  • Resiliency and Coping for Educators
  • Preventing Teacher Burnout
Emergency Services/Military Personnel Presentations (Police, Fire, FBI):
  • Mind Over Misery: Tips for Weathering the Civil Litigation Storm
  • A Proactive Approach to Supporting Officers in Civil Litigation
  • Law Enforcement Relationships
  • Critical Incidents and Posttraumatic Stress Reactions
  • Considerations for Crisis Negotiations with Combat Veterans
  • Considerations for Crisis Negotiations with Suicidal Police Officers
  • Effective Communication
  • Peak Performance Strategies
  • Suicide Prevention Among Law Enforcement
  • Posttraumatic Growth and Resiliency
  • Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life
Clinician Trainings:
  • Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • The Fundamentals of CBT for Anxiety Disorders
  • The Fundamentals of CBT for Depression
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Traumatic Stress
  • Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Principles & Techniques
  • Introduction to Military Deployment Psychology
  • Introduction to Police Psychology
  • Integrating Mobile Technology in Psychotherapy

  • Please contact the office to learn more about fees and how Dr. Dorian can customize a presentation for your needs.
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